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Who We Are

The Arcane Focus Network family hark from different areas of the world, but all share a common love for "the game". 

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Dungeon Master: Whats My Roll

Player: Star Raiders, Arcane Source

Ben is from California and is based in Melbourne and Hong Kong. He loves playing D&D, Overwatch, and Ultimate Frisbee. 

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Alex "Bolty"

Player: Of Moons and Men, Arcane Source

Alex is from Melbourne. He enjoys gaming, technology, and loves learning a little bit about everything. 



Player: What's My Roll

Isaac is from Michigan and lives in Hong Kong he is a professional Opera singer and Improviser.

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Player: Star Raiders, Arcane Source

Mark is from Melbourne. He is a tech enthusiast, an avid racing gamer, and tackles 4WD tracks on the weekends.

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Game Master: Of Moons and Men, Arcane Source

Player: Star Raiders, Arcane Source

Daniel lives in Melbourne and enjoys playing fast paced action video games and TTRPGs like Warhammer 40k, D&D4E (fight me) & Starfinder.



Player: Star Raiders

Bernard is from Canada and lives in Hong Kong. He is passionate about creative arts and music and enjoys attending theatre. 

Website Mid - Keren.jpg


Player: Of Moons and Men, Arcane Source

Keren is from England and lives in Hong Kong. She was always passionate about performance and creativity, and found a release in TTRPGs.



Player: What's My Roll

Nathan is from Oregon and lives in Sweden. He enjoys board games, performing in theatre, and playing with his dogs. 

Website Mid - Tom.jpg


Game Master: Star Raiders, Arcane Source

Player: Of Moons and Men, What's My Roll, Arcane Source

Tom is from Melbourne and lives in Hong Kong. He enjoys online gaming with the AFN crew, working with his hands making or fixing things, and performing arts.



Player: What's My Roll

Hamish was born and raised in Hong Kong. He loves TTRPGs, performing in theatre, and all things Cthulhu.

Website Mid - Mari.jpg


Player: Of Moons and Men, Star Raiders, Arcane Source

Mari is from Melbourne. She loves Sci Fi, spending time in her workshop, and training her dogs.

Website Mid - Perron.jpg


Player: Arcane Source

Perron is from Melbourne. He loves working with video games, cooking, collecting records, and is an absolute boardgame junkie.

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